Review: Yi Yi, and Shunji Iwai

Yi Yi (Taiwan/Japan, 2000)
directed by David Yang
George Wu wrote an elaborate review on Yi Yi at Senses of Cinema, so go and read his. (Michael Jackson from the gayer-than-gay pub downstairs is messing with my brain, sorry.) The movie is almost three-hour long, but there’s something about its lack of dramas and every day life contemplation (reminiscent of Ozu) that despite the long shots, make it a very engaging, accessible film. Recommended.

Shunji Iwai
All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001) is, IMNSHO, his best work. Swallowtail (1996) is less refined but interesting nevertheless, while Picnic (1996) lacks substance. Hana & Alice (2004) and Love Letter (1995) are sweet but pale in comparison to All About Lily Chou-Chou and Swallowtail. So yeah, those two are the ones I’d recommend most.

I’ve been stuck in a state of perpetual ennui lately, forcing myself to write these harf-arsed pieces just to fill this sad little blog up. Apologies if I owe you some  correspondence/replies/whatnot, worry not, I am well, just with nothing interesting to tell.

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