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From The Street Theatre leaflet:

Intriguing, dream-like, bawdy. The first woman walkes the paths of the garden alone… The garden is now a wasteland and the first man has returned to dust, his line departed. Yet in the midst of this, a spark glows. From it, the first woman fashions new life — to bring comfort, where now there is only suffering — a companion where now only death. But can the lives brought forth stand beside the first woman? all-mother combines rigging and harness technology with puppetry reminiscent of Company Skylark to take on Lilith myth and expand it into a feast of imagination.

all motherERTH is an internationally renowned Sydney-based company, specialising in large-scale performance works such as Gondwana, presented recently at the National Museum of Australia. Director Scott Wright, Designer Steve Howarth and Musician Phil Downing (also a member of rock band Faker) have combined with physical performer barb barnett (serious theatre) to make all-mother one of the most ectraordinary, visually spectacular theatrical experiences of the year and a great show by a member of The Street Theatre.

25-28 January and 31 January — 4 February at 8 pm, 29 January at 5pm.
The Street Theatre. Cnr Childers St and University Ave, Canberra City.
$15-$25, special rates for members and U27. For Bookings please call 6247 1223.

We packed up the props, wind generators, costumes, toolboxes, &c. into the van, headed to a local pub for the obligatory afters chit chat, and went back to Sydney at dawn. The usual comments are: great lightings, stage props and everything had a very fantabulous organic feeling, the sound was fantastic (go Phil!), challenging, confusing, funny Mr. Punch & Judy, great puppets, &c.

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