When reason fails

Changed the layout, added recent comments feature. I also did some minor tweakings for the portfolio, so now if you want to spare yourself my ramblings and just syndicate the images, they now have their own RSS.

New reviews at books @ cc.
The Devil in the Hills
by Cesare Pavese. Another story of sufficient, confused young men by a dead Italian male. Reminds one a bit of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but with more penchant for maxims and aphorisms.
Hammer of the Gods: Led Zeppelin Unauthorized
by Stephen Davis. Only for a fan.

And since Easter is coming (and in the wake of Gospels of whoever…):
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
by Kate DiCamillo, Bagram Ibatoulline (illustrator). Nice illustrations, (sub-)standard story.
The Gospel According to Jesus Christ
by José Saramago. Angsty Jesus. Imagine Jesus as Ikari Shinji, the Devil as Nagisa Kaoru. (If I made it sound bad, not at all. A Saramago’s is almost always worth reading.)

Online Zine
I’m planning to continue with that online zine I mentioned before (yet another little-read outlet for those momentary, theurapetic (often-stretched-too-long) distractions while you know you should be doing something else). Still not sure what to name it though, I only have “altruizine” in mind, open to suggestions. Some ideas:

  • bundled once every…. 3 months? We’ll round it up quarterly.
    Then we’ll find a thematic theme each time so far-fetched just because we want it
  • round robin stories
    But on top of providing a story in the form of texts, you will also have to give additional… something. It could be a doodle, a highly-finished drawing/painting, a photo, a collage, a scribbled note, a song, whatever).
  • rants, poems, stories, SMSes, chat history, reviews (films, books, music, products, etc.), articles, comics, doodles, photos, illustrations, collage, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g…

Anyone else interested?

I will be down at Newington Armory this weekend for gigs at The Great Escape. If you’re there and feel like seeing some wiggly cute butts painting with spaghetti (complete with the sauce and the baguette), then check Bum Puppets out. We have an extra can of sauce to go with those hot cross buns, and plenty of wood to make bonfires out of ticket stubs and VIP passes. Otherwise, happy long weekend everyone, enjoy those chocolate eggs, sex bunnies, and don’t get yourself sick.

5 Replies to “When reason fails”

  1. konsepnya sudah jalan belum? hmmhmhhm I’ve asked the kreatip people and they don’t have any kreatip ideas to contribute too.

    And how was your weekend? fun fun ndak?

  2. Ephi:
    Thanks, I can’t test it though since I don’t have that version of Opera…. I know the portfolio is even worse on mac IE & Safari. Oh well, too bad for those users. Would you care to enlighten me with your wisdom & wit as to how to fix them?

    Eee…. a bit like those crappy, xeroxed college zines? (Cept that it’s not xeroxed of course.) And maybe a bit like a collective blog, where we can dump garbage we call “art” because we can’t publish it elsewhere. And we just round it up every 3 months. I’ll handle the layout, though anyone is free to make suggestions, etc…

    Because you’ve got all your creative juices squeezed and fried sunny side up. But that’s OK, we’ll just dump crap. Weekend a bit hectic, but it was all good.

  3. boleh juga tuh, sounds menarik, kalo art sampah aja gue punya banyak (terlalu suka ngelamun pas kuliah dan nyoret-nyoret bahan/catatan kuliah).

    ayo teruskan konsepnya!

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