Langen Suka at Soundwaves – Ripple

Sunday 29 April 2007, 1:00-3:00 pm, Dee Why Beach, Sydney.
Langen Suka Sydney Gamelan Association
Thomas Stewart, Director
Tabitha Williams, Dancer

A Performance of Javanese Gamelan Music and Dance as part of the Soundwaves – Ripple Festival, Warringah Council featuring the solo dance ‘Gambir Anom’ in Central-Java style, and a selection of traditional instrumental gamelan pieces in the pelog scale, from ‘gendhing alus’ (refined) to ‘gendhing soran’ (loud style) to ‘gendhing gecul’ (humorous).

img_3891.jpg img_3894.jpg img_3905.jpg

I played the saron barung for the whole repertoire, except for Manyarsewu (in which I majorly screwed up by haphazardly hitting the gong and the kempul).

Langen Suka is grateful to the Australian Museum, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia and the University of Sydney for the use and loan of the gamelan instruments.

3 Replies to “Langen Suka at Soundwaves – Ripple”

  1. Waduh keren Kat. Gue selalu kagum sama orang yang bisa main alat musik tradisional. Gue juga pengen belajar musik tradisional, tapi enaknya apa ya? Gong Dayak kali ye… bunyinya manthap…

  2. Ehe baru belajar kok juga guwah tapi sebenernya gamelan enaknya itu allow players from almost all kinds of level sih…

    Gong dayak kae gimana tuh? Gong punya kita aja aduh gotongnya kudu 2-3 orang…

  3. Hello, I’m looking for Thomas Stewart, who lived in Surakarta around 2003, I’m a friend of him and I just want to keep in touch. unoserpiente at yahoo dot com


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