Notes on gramps & docos

I’m jotting these down as references for an ultra-secret project. Those of you who have had the unfortunate chance of hearing me gush about the motley of gramps who have tottered down the library, will perhaps find sparks of delights and ideas in these biographical docos.

Drool over Blanchett’s androgynous Dylan. But check Scorsese’s version. I quite enjoyed the soundtrack too.

This is thus far, our favourite frame of reference. Ultimate gramp love.

Derrida (2002) is perhaps not as engaging as Bill Cunningham New York (though diehard fans and exegetes-to-be (and their not-to-be cousins twice removed) might beg to differ). You can feel the awkwardness of the American filmmakers, and the condescending yet at the same time exceedingly self-conscious Derrida trying to make points across these (gasp) Américaines. The incredibly self-conscious high priest of French deconstructionism in bath robe, getting his thinning hair cut, and visibly uncomfortable over questions of amantes sunt amentes in front of his wife.

More biography docos: IMDB list

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